Create funny cookies with our original cookie cutters, made of tinplate or stainless steel. They are very easy to use and also suitable for working with a wide variety of dough types, for instance shortcrust pastry. Using it, you can create beautiful cake decorations from fondant or marzipan!


Do you like working with Fimo modelling clay or cold porcelain? Don't hesitate and use our cookie cutters for your craftingWe offer mini cookie cutters (from 1.0 cm in size) that make it very easy to create tiny clean-cut biscuits. However, we offer larger cookie cutters as well that you can use for making diverse decorative objects – they are are ideal for working with clay, etc.


Are you looking for cookie cutters in the shape of animals, circles, hearts or squares? No problem, you can find all that and much more in our online shop! Our favourite ones are unicorns, cats, dogs or dinosaurs.


Children love our cookie cutters with ejector too! Using them, cats, dogs, owls, gingerbread men etc. can be created very easily.


On our website you will also find various collections that you can buy at favorable prices. As an example, we can mention our cookie cutters set “Forest Animals” that costs less than 10 euro and includes the cookie cutters such as squirrel, bear, bird or hedgehog. guarantees fast and safe delivery.