Cookie cutters – MINI


When we say mini cookie cutters, we mean really mini. In this collection, you'll find cutters in sizes from one centimetre.Among the favourite motives are undoubtedly dogs, cats, flowers, hearts or all possible Christmas motives.


These mini cookie cutters are suitable for working with different types of dough. Thanks to their sharp edges, the cut-out objects will have a beautiful precise shape.


They help you create amazing marzipan or sugar paste cake decorations. Create beautiful decorations and surprise your guests with a birthday cake you made yourself! During everyday cooking in the kitchen, you can use them to cut out fruit and vegetables and arrange them beautifully on plates or decorate a salad in an original way.


These mini cookie cutters are also ideal for crafting and many DIY-activities! Be creative and use them to work with FIMO modelling clay, cold porcelain, carded wool and many others.