Terms & Conditions

Owner of the website

The company W! Europe, s.r.o is registered in the RCS Prague under the number 27992012 at the address  Bělehradská 858/23, Prague 2, 12000, SIRET/ 27992012 


Paragraph 1 – Price

The listed retail prices are inclusive taxis and other charges with the exception of shipping charges and customs duties. Prices are in EUR. The listed commercial terms refer only to sales on the website (website) reserves the right to change the prices at any time and without notice. In the case of an already registered order, the calculated amount is  the price which applied at the time of realization. The products remain the property of the company Vera Walter until the account is complete. Keep the bill for possible reclamations.

Paragraph 2 – Order and products

The commercial terms and conditions are listed on the website in French, German and English. has the right to cancel the contract if the customer has not fulfilled the previous terms, or in case of a dispute with the customer. Product description: Each listed item has a description included that contains technical parameters, such as weights and measurements, pictures and used materials. These descriptions are not guaranteed and the company assumes no responsibility for these data.

Paragraph 3 - Confirmation of the terms and conditions

The acceptance of terms and conditions needs to be confirmed by the client before completing the order. If not otherwise proven, the data recorded serve as proof of the transaction between and the client.

Paragraph 4 - Availability of goods

The listed items and prices are available within the means of the company, in  case of unavailability of the ordered products, the client will be informed at the listed address within 14 days by mail, or e-mail. After the expiration of this time the client has the right of immediate repayment for the unavailable products.

Paragraph 5 – Purchase delivery

5.1 General conditions - The products listed on the website are usually delivered to EU countries,  Switzerland and the UK. Please contact us per e-mail if you are an interested client from non-EU countries to calculate the shipping costs. The orders are sent directly via mail from our factory in the Czech Republic. The maximum delivery time takes 14 days upon obtaining the payment. The delivery is sent to the address listed by the client. is not responsible for the delays of the shipping company. In case of delays of more than 14 days we will contact you via email. In this case, if the products  are not yet send, the client has the right to cancel  the order. For questions, please contact us via email:

5.2. Shipping reclamation

In case that the delivery has arrived opened, damaged or with missing items, you are obliged to contact the shipping company about the situation within 48 hours . After reviewing the situation according to paragraph 5.3 we will refund the costs or exchange the items.

5.3 Product reclamation

In case that the purchased items do not correspond to the client’s order, or the goods have been delivered without functioning, we ask the client to write us a description of the situation and to return of the products. will either replace the returned products, or repay the payed amount including shipping costs. The reclamation period „“lasts 8 days. After this period, we can no longer accept your returns. The returned goods must be in the same conditions, in which we have sent there, including packaging, instructions, etc.

In the event that the goods due to incorrect or incomplete under the address can not be delivered, or the delivery is not picked up, and the goods will be returned to us, you will be the cost of the goods back pay, unless otherwise agreed. Shipping fees are not refundable.

5.4. Shipping


For countries in EU 1 pc = 2,60 euros / 2-4 pcs = 3,50 euros / 5-30 pcs = 5,95 euros and from 50 euros of purchase free delivery. Rates are: 1 pc = 4,50 euros / 2-4 pcs = 8,40 euros / 5-30 pcs = 10,45 (euros and from 50 euros of purchase free delivery


Paragraph 6 - Payment


It is possible to pay per credit card (VISA, Mastercard, etc.) or via bank transfer to the W! Europe company. According to the regulations of the Law of 13.3.2000 on Electronic Signatures, listing the credit card number and the confirmation of the order, serves as a proof of the purchase. All of the provided credit card information are transmitted to the encryption system and since our company is working with PayPal that ensures absolute safety to our customers, so that the customerS listed data are not available for possible misuse.


Paragraph 7 - Product return for reclamation


If the customer wants to return the purchased items, see paragraph 5, the paid amount will be sent back by check (only French citizens) to the costumer"s listed address . If the payment proceeded through the gateway via PayPal, the same amount will be sent back through the same payment gateway back to the customer"s account. If you paid via bank transfer, please include your account information - IBAN and BIC (SWIFT), in the reclamation form. The repayment period takes 14 days after receiving the returned goods.


Paragraph 8- Warranty period


Within 7 days, the customer may return the items without stating any reason. The customer covers the costs of the return shipping. The paid amount including shipping will be paid back.

Address for returning orders: Vera Walter, 24 rue Moech, 67230 Westhouse France.

The returned goods must be undamaged, unopened and complete, otherwise we can not accept your reclamation.


Clanek 9 - Customer service


For any further questions, please contact us by email on our Customer Service or by phone: 0033608171521, Mon-Fri 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.


Absatz 10 - Website ownership


The listed texts, photos, logos and comments on the website are owned by the company Vera Walter Copies, even partial copies, are not allowed without the owner"s consent.


Paragraph 11 - Responsibility


The products offered are manufactured according to European standards and the usage of each product is given on the website. The company W! Europe is not responsible for any other utilization of the product than given on the website. The photo documentation is illustrative only, if you want more product information, please contact the customer service. In case that the goods are bought for further resale, distances itself from indirect situations such as loss of profit, competitiveness, etc.


Paragraph 12 - Warranty


For further questions regarding the service during or after the warranty period, do not hesitate to contact our customer service. Please keep the original purchase receipt. The warranty does not cover inappropriate handling, or incorrect machine washing if cleaning manually is specified in the product description.


Paragraph 13 - Dispute


The sales contract is subject to Czech  legislation. The terms and conditions and the sales contract is listed in French. In case of a dispute with a business person, the main court is based in Prague. Only Czech courts are competent to resolve these disputes.


Article 14 - General statements