Baking moulds / pastry moulds

The individual baking moulds are ideal for baking sweet pastries which you can fill with cream after baking and cooling.


- The main advantage is that the mould no longer needs to be greased and floured for impeccable demoulding.
- It is a light material that does not break.
- Baking is uniform.
- It is dishwasher safe.


The mini moulds: It is made of Teflon material, no toxic products, no odour, durable to use, resistant to high temperatures, good thermal conductivity and reusable.

- Biscuit moulds can be used to make biscuits, pudding and chocolate and so on.
- Baking moulds with a non-stick coating for easy demolding and cleaning.
- The biscuit is quick and easy to remove baked so that they stay perfectly in place.
- Artisanal baking moulds perfect for baking eggs, baking muffins, cupcakes, bread, gelatine, preparing frozen sweets, desserts on a baking tray, confectionery, chocolates, truffles, pastries, pudding.