20 pcs. Mini Bundt Pans Set II


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This mini bundt pans set with a diameter of 5.5 centimetres will allow you to shape small sweet or savoury pastries. Available in a set of 20 pieces so you can bake a complete batch of pastries easily.

The mini bundt pans are made of non-stick Teflon so you don't need to grease and flour them. This reduces the amount of fat in the pan, and ensures easy and quick removal of the baked pastries. Additionally, non-stick Teflon is a strong and very resistant material: it doesn't break. It is even designed to be cleaned in the dishwasher, which saves you a lot of time. Finally, Teflon allows an even baking in the oven thanks to an optimal temperature distribution which means that it's impossible to burn your cakes!

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Material: non-stick Teflon

Size: 5.5 cm Ø

One mould: thousands of cake recipes

This mould is ideal for the preparation of snacks or desserts, it allows an infinite combination of recipes: once baked, you can fill your cakes with cream, add a touch of whipped cream on the top, or even a homemade foam. And why not use this mold to bake mini puddings or mini cupcakes? Whether you choose to bake sweet or savory bites, this mould will be your best ally to make professional quality pastries: a must!

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  • Quick and easy baking


  • Dishwasher safe