Cookie cutters CHILDREN offers many products that your children will enjoy. Our cookie cutters come in a variety of shapes, such as a car, a dragon, a dinosaur, a rocket or a princess and they are sure to delight.


Cooking and baking with your children or grandchildren are all about passing on family knowledge, creating shared memories and having fun. Our cookie cutters are suitable for children at around the age of 2. Older children will certainly find it easier to make tasty cookies completely themselves.


After baking, cookies can be decorated very easily with the help of various food colourings, for example. You will also find these in our range. Prepare the sugar icing by mixing some powdered sugar and water together until smooth. The mixture should not be too thick. Finally, colour the prepared sugar icing with food colourings (of your choice). There is only one thing left to do – fill our practical disposable piping bag with the coloured sugar icing and decorate your cookies beautifully. Done!


Watch our video and recipe.