Have pretty shortbread or decorated biscuits in 2 minutes? It's possible!

All you need is a Chezvera engraved rolling pin.

Each laser-engraved rolling pin is made of beech wood. The quality and depth of the engraving is optimal for the perfect result on dough, marzipan, sugar dough but also on clay. 

The rollers are coated with oil approved for direct contact with food. It protects the wood and allows perfect transfer to the patterns, as the dough does not stick so easily to the surface of the roller. 

The engraved rolling pin is a perfect gift for: birthday, name day, wedding, Mother's Day, Father's Day, and also for everyone who is interested in cooking and baking.

How to use them?

Roll out your dough. Roll over it with the rolling pin, pressing lightly. The patterns will transfer to the dough. Use a cookie cutter to cut out the desired shapes. Bake in the oven. After baking, the pattern will still be visible. 

How do I maintain my wooden rolling pin?

After use, clean all areas with a damp brush and dry thoroughly. Then apply a coat of vegetable oil or olive oil.
Store it away from light and sunlight.


What kind of paste should I use?


You can use any kind of biscuit dough, but preferably not the large pieces of walnut or hazelnut. Engraved rolling pins are also suitable for decorating your marzipan or sugar paste pieces.
And let's not forget the DIY enthusiasts, as the rollers are perfect for clay, Fimo or cold porcelain. 

ChezVera has designs to suit all tastes - floral themes, Christmas designs, dinosaurs or unicorns to enchant children, we haven't forgotten cat or dog fans, music designs to please musicians or forest or farm animals.

More than 28 designs to choose from. 

Our rolls come in two sizes

Mini - The mini size is 23 cm long with handles and has a diameter of 4.4 cm, the engraving area is 11.5 cm long. 
Standard - Standard rolling pin is 43 cm long with handles and 6 cm in diameter, the engraving area is 25 cm long. 

One-off shipping price by Colissimo at 6.76 euros per roll.

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