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Mini rolling pin engraved with the motif of a CHRISTMAS TREE. Suitable for cookies, shortbread and also for clay.

If you combine the Christmas tree cookie cutters with the Christmas tree motif rolling pin, you can make Lovely cookies for your Christmas table. 

The rolling pin is also great for sugar paste. You can use it to give your pastries an original look.


Ideal as a gift for Christmas, a birthday, Mother's Day or Father's Day.


Technical parameters:


Length (with handles): 23.0 cm (engraved area 11.50 cm) and Ø 4.40 cm

Material: Beech Wood


Suitable for Children

This model with the "Christmas Tree“ pattern will allow you to decorate your homemade cookies in an original way in less than two minutes.


How to use the embossed rolling pins the right way?


Using a normal rolling pin, roll out the dough. Then roll over the dough once with the help of an engraved rolling pin. Gently go in one direction with the same pressure throughout and transfer the patterns onto the dough. Using our cookie cutters, cut out cookies into desired shapes. Then place the cookies in the oven and bake. The patterns remain clearly visible even after baking.


How to care properly for your engraved rolling pin?


After use, clean the entire rolling pin and all its crevices with a damp brush and dry thoroughly. Then apply a thin layer of plant oil or olive oil to the rolling pin. It should be protected from direct sunlight, too.


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