Cookie Cutter Fish mini II


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This little fish is really cute! With our cookie cutter Fish Mini, which is 1.3 cm high and 1.7 cm wide, you can cut out very small sweet or salty cookies to decorate a buffet with the theme of animals or seabed!

The cookie cutter Fish is perfect for cookies with the theme of the sea bottom and the sea.


Technical features :


Material: stainless steel

Size: H 1.3 cm x L 1.7 cm

Dishwasher safe 


The small size of our Fish Mini cookie cutter allows you to contrast with other cookie cutter sizes, for a relief buffet that reflects the underwater world. Combine the cookie cutter with other models from our Lake Animals or Sea Animals collection to create an original buffet with fish and shellfish!

This small metal cutter in the shape of a fish can be used to cut marzipan or sugar paste. This will allow you to decorate a large cake for a baptism, a baby-shower or a birthday! The material of the fish cutter - stainless steel - allows a very precise cutting of all kinds of dough, gingerbread or breadcrumbs but also a trouble-free washing in the dishwasher.

Finally, it can be combined with similar larger models, such as the Fish Cookie Cutter Set or the Fish Cookie Cutter II, to create a cute little family. We love it!

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