Cookie Cutter Guinea Pig


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Guinea pigs are among the most popular pets. The cookie cutter in this shape allows you to create sweet treats that look like your favorite pet. 
Get the whole family involved and have a fun afternoon or evening.


Technical characteristics :


Size: H 4.0 cm x W 7.0 cm

Dishwasher safe


During the creative process, you will share the joy of the treats obtained and enjoy the time spent together. The result will not only be a great dessert, but also unforgettable family memories. 

Decorate the final cake with different colors. Whether you are baking for yourself, your family or your friends, they will enjoy not only the delicious taste of the treats, but also their cute appearance.

Involve your children in the creation of the cake in the form of guinea pig. You will encourage their creativity and teach them the basics of baking. They will love to create and decorate cakes in the shape of a guinea pig or other animals in the shape of a cat, dog or rabbit.