Cookie Cutter Magic broom

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Have a good time with us on the most fun night of the year. Enjoy the magical Halloween party, which is an evening filled with joy, entertainment and unusual costumes!


This Halloween party obviously can’t go without good food! Make sure to prepare food or snacks in Halloween style, which will further enhance the atmosphere of mystery and magic. Your taste buds will be taken to a world of fantastical illusions and will help you remember this fun evening long after the party is over.


And, what should be included on the Halloween menu? Definitely, the “witch’s broom” cookie cutter, which is the perfect tool for witches’ quick mobility. Make them in savory or sugar shapes using our witches’ broom-shaped cookie cutter.


Technical features:

Composition: Stainless steel

Size: H 11.0 cm x L 3.5 cm

Dishwasher safe

Prepare savory or sweet cookies not only during the Halloween time. It would actually be a shame to only enjoy them once a year. Make up your own story about it. You will surely have fun with your friends or children. Don't hesitate to let us know your "witches' broom" stories. We'd be happy to share them with you.


Also take inspiration from other forms of Halloween and prepare cookies in the shape of ghosts, bats or witches' heads. Have fun and enjoy this magical evening!