Mug hanging Cookie Cutter –3D House

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Technical parameters:

Material: Stainless Steel

Size: H 7.4 cm x L 5.6 cm

Have you already heard about mug hanging cookie cuttersThis time, we have got an original 3D house shape! Such a cookie cutter is definitely going to surprise everyone.


In addition to sweet and salty mug hanging cookies, you can also use the cutters for creating original table decorations from modelling clay. These are suitable for beautifying your party table.


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 Our mug hanging cookie cutters include among others the following shapes: a hare (ideal for Easter), a butterfly (tasty if served with ice cream) and stars (ideal for Christmas).


Decorating Idea: Cut out savoury biscuits with this cookie cutter and use them for decorating your soup bowl! 


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  • Dishwasher Safe