Cookie Cutter Wedding Car

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Technical parameters:

Material: Stainless Steel

Size: H 6.0 cm x L 6.0 cm

Using the cookie cutter in the shape of a wedding car, you can create original biscuits for one of the happiest events of a couple – a wedding. Thanks to the embosser, biscuits can still keep their tiny shapes after baking. For decorating, we recommend a piping bag or our high-quality food colouring. 


This cookie cutter is super suitable for working with a wide variety of dough types, for instance shortcrust pastry or shortbread pastry dough. Using it, you can create beautiful cake decorations from fondant or marzipan!


Do you want to bake a perfect wedding cake? With this but also other wedding and love theme cookie cutters, you can make magical cake decorations, using e.g. sugar paste.


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  • Dishwasher Safe