Cookie Cutter Egg with ribbon


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With an egg-shaped cookie cutter and ribbon, you will make a splash, especially at Easter. Most French children look forward to Easter Monday. For them, it is the day of searching for chocolate delicacies that the bells scatter according to tradition on their way back from Rome.

Children search for hidden chocolate treats at home or in the garden. From different corners, rabbits, chicks, eggs, chocolate, lambs, and many other incredible shapes emerge.

Prepare the kids' favorite cookie cutter treats at home. They will certainly appreciate homemade cookies cut into different shapes from chocolate dough. Also involve them in their preparation; they will be enthusiastic and will be even more eager to look for them.


Technical features:


Dimensions: H 6.0 cm x L 4.5 cm

It is possible to wash in the dishwasher.

For this special day, you can create cookies with different cookie cutters in the shape of eggs, bunnies or other Easter designs. Just cut out the dough using the cookie cutters and bake them in the oven. After cooling, you can decorate the cookies with colorful icing and sugar pearls to give them an even more festive Easter look.

Make your Easter preparations an unforgettable experience filled with sweet delights for your children.