Cookie cutter Swedish horse


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This cookie cutter Dala horse is a traditional Swedish Christmas shape. Create the original atmosphere with the Swedisch horse shaped cookies .

The cookie cutter is simple, very easy to use, even with a slightly stickier dough. 


Technical characteristics


Size: H 6.6 cm x W 6 cm

Dishwasher safe

A short history of the Dala horse

A Dala horse (Swedish: Dalahäst) is a traditional wooden statue of a horse from the Swedish province of Dalarna. In the past, the Dala horse was mainly used as a toy for children, but today it has become a symbol of Dalarna and Sweden in general.


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Decoration idea:


After rolling out your dough, use the rolling pin engraved with the Swedish Christmas motif, then cut out your cookies with the Dala Horse cookie cutter. The result couldn't be more original.