Cookie Cutter Teddy Bear With Heart


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Whether you're baking bear cakes for yourself or sharing them with others, the bear biscuit cutter with the star will give you magical moments and take you back to the sweet memories of your childhood when the teddy bear was our favorite companion.

Technical characteristics :


Size: H 7.0 cm x W 5.0 cm

Dishwasher safe


Let nostalgia take over your kitchen when you use this special cookie cutter. Each cut-out piece of pastry will be a reminder of your childhood friend, the teddy bear. The star will add an extra touch of magic to your sweet creations. Enjoy these enchanting moments and treat yourself to these nostalgic treats.

Everyone has had their favorite teddy bear. And if you remember it from time to time, or even miss it, you can recreate it with our bear cookie cutters. Or try one of our other animal shaped cookie cutters that will transport you to a magical world reminiscent of your childhood.