Mug hanging Cookie Cutter – Dove Chez vera


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Let yourself be amazed by our mug hanging cookie cutter - Dove. Its original shape will allow you to form sweet or savory cookies that you can hang on a cup or coffee mug to serve with tea or coffee. This metal cookie cutter can also be used for a baptism or a communion: by making personalized cookies. More elegant than plastic, this very fine decoration will surely make an impression! The dove is a symbol of peace, but also of freedom and hope. It is a bird that is very common in special occasions like the birth of a child or a wedding.


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Technical parameters:



Material: INOX.


Size: H 7.0 cm x L 6.0 cm.


Dishwasher safe: can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

Mug hanging cookie cutter - dove - unique and easy to clean.

The size of the cookie cutter allows you to prepare medium sized cookies. There is no risk of tipping over the cup, but your guests will surely be pleased by this little treat that they will receive with their drink!

The stainless steel composition prevents the cookie cutter from rusting, which means that its durability is ideal. Another advantage of the cookie cutter is that it can also be cleaned in the dishwasher, which is much more efficient to remove dough rests.

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