Cookie Cutter Racoon


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Technical parameters:

Material: Stainless Steel

Size: H 7.0 cm x L 5.5  cm

Do you find this raccoon cute? Create adorable raccoon-shaped cookies. You will definitely have a lot of fun. This cookie cutter is really suitable for working with a wide variety of dough types, for instance shortcrust pastry. Using it, you can create beautiful cake decorations from fondant or marzipan!


Easy use: Place the chosen cookie cutter on your dough (shortcrust pastry, salt dough etc.) and then press lightly. Done so, the cut-out cookies are ready to bake. Tip: You can use our cookie cutters for working with the Fimo modelling clay, as well. 


This cookie cutter is suitable for various kinds of sweet and savoury pastries. Ideal for everyday use.


Decorating Idea: Don't hesitate to decorate your cookies with coloured icing, for example! Would you like to learn to decorate cookies beautifully? Watch our video:


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  • Dishwasher Safe