Cookie cutters Lake animals


All of our special cookie cutters on the theme of "Lake animals" are suitable for working with different types of dough and for modelling with sugar paste or marzipan, for example. Bake traditional biscuits yourself with the help of the animal cookie cutters from and give them away in style!


Discover more animal cookie cutters such as farm animals or exotic animals for even more baking fun.


Our website offers a wide range of animal cookie cutters! In addition to the usual models, we also offer many unique cookie cutters. Take a look at them and check it out for yourself!


Spider  Wolf  Seahorse  Flamengo  Chameleon


Of course, our cookie cutters are primarily intended for cooking and baking. However, they are perfect for handicrafts as well. On our baking blog you can find the recipe for the salt dough Christmas ornaments. It's super easy and it brings you a lot of joy at the same time. At the end, you can simply wash out your cookie cutters with warm water and leave them to dry in the oven or on a paper towel.


Many of our cookie cutters are available in different sizes. guarantees safe purchase and fast delivery. 


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