Share traditional “Bredele” made with ChezVera's cookie cutters

Vera has been living in Alsace for many years. She loves this region especially for its winter. Every year, the Christmas capital Strasbourg and its markets offer an unforgettable sight to many tourists who come to visit during this magical time. 


Alsatian specialities are the real stars of the Christmas markets. Pretzels, gingerbread, mulled wine, bundt cakes or flambéed cakes... these delicacies move the masses. We can’t forget to mention the unique Christmas cookies "Bredele" (pronounced 'brédélé'), also called "Bredala" (in the Upper Rhine region).


These cookies of different shapes and flavours are very popular in all Alsatian families. Each family has its own recipe that has been passed down the generations. In Alsace, these cookies are ideally baked with the whole family. But above all, family members want to delight their families, friends and colleagues with these Christmas cookies. It is perceived as a sign of sharing and giving – the very symbol of Christmas.


Bredele – small cookies and a symbol of sharing in the same time


But what exactly does the word "Bredele" mean? This word comes from the German word “brot” which means “bread” in English. The suffix “-ele” makes it a diminutive, it could be translated as “little bread” then. However, the word “bredele” refers to cookies. Bredele is therefore the Alsatian (French) expression for "Christmas cookies"!

After afternoons spent in the kitchen alone, with family or with our beloved ones, kneading the dough, shaping the cookies with the cookie cutters, baking them in the oven and decorating them, we love to share them with our loved ones. Wrapped in beautiful transparent packaging so that you can see the variety of cookies they contain, they are shared with family, friends, colleagues and even with neighbours.


Giving cookies as a gift is a local tradition in the Alsace region and it symbolises the Christmas spirit of sharing. Making and sharing cookies mean a lot to the Alsatians



Before sharing these made with love cookies, you have to make them first... Put on your apron and get ready for a while spent in the kitchen! For making the Christmas cookies (basic dough), you will need:



Ingredients: (makes 30 pieces)


250 g Flour

125 g Caster Sugar

5 Egg Yolks

125 g Butter

1 tbsp. Milk

Lemon Zest or Vanilla Powder


Baking tools:


Rolling pin (for rolling out the dough)

Baking sheets

Cookie Cutters – we offer a wide selection of Christmas cookie cutters, but also of Alsatian cookie cutters and many others

Containers to store cookies  (if there are any left!)


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Now you know all you need for making your own Alsatian Christmas cookies at home! Don't hesitate to share your home-made cookies with those around you and don’t forget to leave some of them for Santa!




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