Bredele from Alsace

Discover our Alsace cookie cutters and take a culinary journey to the heart of this beautiful region with the famous Alsace-Bredele.

Alsace, a region rich in culture and traditions, is known for its exceptional gastronomy. Now you can bring a bit of Alsace into your home with our collection of Alsace cookie cutters.

Our metal cutters are more than just kitchen tools. They invite you to travel to Alsace! Whether it's for special occasions, traditional celebrations or just to treat yourself, this collection allows you to make shortbread biscuits, cupcakes and much more with always using traditional Alsatian motifs and symbols.

Also discover all our recipes for bredele and Alsatian pastries.


What is a bredele?

Called bredele in the Bas-Rhin (67) and bredala in the Haut-Rhin (68), this Alsatian term refers to small sweet shortbread biscuits. Particularly popular at Christmas time – when they are sold on all the small Christmas markets in the region – they are very popular with all Alsatians. Even if the battle continues between the two Alsatian departments, the love for these small cakes is unanimous!


Traditionally, they are made from flour, butter, sugar and milk. This is why they can also be called butterbredeles.

Our collection of Alsatian cookie cutters will allow young and old alike to shape delicious traditional bredele or create other Alsatian small cakes, such as bredele chocolate sticks.


A thematic collection perfect for gifting

Our collection of metal cutters is perfect as a gift for lovers of Alsace. But you can also keep them at home in preparation for the winter season, in order to bake small homemade biscuits, such as the famous small Linzer. If you can't choose the cookie cutters you like the most, we then fully recommend you to go for our Alsatian set. In addition to saving you a lot of money, it includes 6 cookie cutters and gives you a free rein to your imagination!

All our cutters can be used on different doughs, whether it's cake dough, gingerbread dough, marzipan, or even salt dough.


By offering the Alsace cookie cutters as a gift, you share a bit of Alsatian culture with your loved ones. Whether for Christmas, a birthday or a special occasion, this unique culinary accessory will delight food lovers and Alsace enthusiasts. They are a real link between gastronomy and Alsatian culture, it is a gift that will put a smile on your face and bring back memories of this magnificent region.


How to maintain your bredele cutters?

Because of high quality stainless steel or tinplate that they are made of, our Alsace themed cookie cutters are built to last. Their precise workmanship and delicate details, allow you to achieve perfect shapes every time. The kouglhof, the heart and the pretzel represent the very essence of Alsace.


To maintain your Alsace cookie cutters, simply wash it by hand with warm soapy water. Our stainless steel cutters can also be washed in the dishwasher. So as you can see, i tis easy as pie! By cleaning them after each use, they will retain their original shine.

The ease of use of these cutters makes them an ideal choice for seasoned pastry chefs and passionate hobbyists. All you need to do is press the cookie cutter firmly onto your dough, then scrape off the excess to get the perfect shape. And There you go!


Order your cutters now on our secure website

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