Cookie cutters Dogs

Are you Team Cats or Team Dogs? For all fans of these cute furballs, we have exclusively prepared a dog theme collection. Whether bulldog, pug, dachshund, golden retriever or border collie, we surely have a model that will remind you of your pet! On our website, you can also find various metal cookie cutters, such as "Dogs paw" or "Bone" that symbolise the dog world!


You can bake delicious sweet and savoury biscuits to celebrate these beautiful animals. Another option is to make special dog-friendly biscuits for your four-legged friend! After all, there are countless delicious, natural, easy-to-prepare and very healthy recipes that your furry family member is guaranteed to enjoy. What wouldn’t we do for man's best friend!?


Check out our dog theme cookie cutters here!

Would you like to save some money? Then you should definitely buy one of our metal dog theme cookie cutters sets!


The first set includes 6 dog cookie cutters in the shape of different dog breeds. You can now buy this set with a discount.


The second cookie cutters pack is very diverse as it includes 8 themed cookie cutters, which are of course equally cute. You can buy this set now at a lower price as well. It's hard to choose!