Recipes and cookie cutters for a perfect baby shower 

Is someone beloved expecting a child? Or, are you expecting a child yourself?! Then the childbirth and baby shower themed cookie cutter collection is definitely right thing for you! On top of that, you will find extraordinary recipe ideas on our website that are perfect for such an occasion!


Cookie Cutters with Baby Motives



On our website, you can find an enchanting collection dedicated to the themes of birth and babies. Dive into the baby world with our cookie cutters in various shapes such as: Feeding Bottle, Baby Rattle, Baby Bodysuit or a Stroller! Our product range also includes the adorable "Hand" and "Foot" cookie cutters, which are great for a birth celebration.


Which cookie cutters are the best for a baby shower?



First of all, what is a baby shower anyway? This fabulous tradition comes from the United States. It started around the 1950s. Usually, such a party takes place before the birth of a child. The invited guests bring useful gifts for the mother and her baby.


What could be better for a memorable baby shower than a pretty buffet table set with themed sweet and savoury biscuits? Our favourite baby shower themed cookie cutters are definitely: "Baby Bottle" (a universal baby symbol) and "Baby Bodysuit II" (another available version is also “Baby Bodysuit I”). The Cookies in the shape of a baby bodysuit can be coloured with typical colours – blue or pink, but also with colours like purple, green or white.


This collection includes numerous cookie cutters that you can also use for a Gender Reveal Party which is becoming more and more popular. No wonder, the revealing of a baby’s gender is always very exciting and fun! Of course, the baby's gender does not have to be revealed in advance, this is up to each person. At the very least, you can give your guests a few clues to help them place their bets on the gender!





Cookie recipes for a successful baby shower or welcome party for the baby



To help you prepare a delicious surprise for your guests, will share a great recipe with you. This time, the website has provided the inspiration. :)




1) You can use classic shortbread dough as the base for your biscuits.


2) Now you need a glaze for the decorating. Don't panic, will guide you step by step through the method. No worries, with our recipe for Royal Icing, it’ll be no problem!


The idea behind baby shower and welcome party biscuits is that they are personalised. For example, you can pipe the baby's name and date of birth on them. If you are still waiting for the arrival of your little darling, you can create different biscuits with some basic baby motives.


Very often, such biscuits are decorated with icing and piped text. Without a doubt, favourite phrases include "It's a girl!" and "It's a boy!".


Would you like to decorate your biscuits with a nice text? Check out our category "piping bags and nozzles"! Wow effect guaranteed!


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