Cookie cutters Birth – Baby shower


For parents, there is nothing more amazing than the birth of their baby. Such an event deserves to be celebrated!


Would you like to decorate your party table beautifully? What could be easier than baking your own cookies in the shape of a stroller, a feeding bottle, a baby foot or a bib? No matter if you are baking alone or with the help of your friends, you will enjoy it for sure!


Will your party colour be blue or pink? Or would you prefer to keep your baby's gender a secret? Then the colour yellow or light green would be the right choice for your party decorations.


Discover more cookie cutters, food colouring and the necessary baking tools that will help you create cool decorations for special occasions. wishes you lots of fun!



Are you planning a wedding? Are you expecting a baby? Or are you planning a baptism party?


Check out our large cookie cutter collection that is designed just for these occasions.


Your friends and family will definitely appreciate homemade cookies!