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You’ve probably already guessed that our website specialises in online sales of baking tools. Among our products you will find everything you need for cutting, decorating, colouring and stamping cookies and everything for creating unique desserts.





Order all baking tools you need on our website so you can enjoy baking together with your family. The online payment with a credit card is safe on our website. We offer free shipping on all orders over 50 Euros.



The list of all products from


Our company is one of the top companies in the field of baking tools such as cookies cutters which are perfect for making cookies. Furthermore, we have a wide range of baking accessories for cookies and cake decorating (e.g., piping bags and nozzles). We can’t forget to mention our baking moulds! 


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Cookie Cutters from


Our stainless steel and tinplate cookie cutters are a “must have” for making amazing cookies. Using our models, you can create numerous shapes. 


In our wide range, you can find themed collections like Halloween or Christmas and several collections for special occasions, such as a baptism or a wedding. If you want to save some money, our cookie cutters sets are the right thing for you! If you buy a set, you will get several cookie cutters for a lower price. Many of our cookie cutters are dishwasher safe.


► Discover the themed cookie cutters collections.


In addition to our metal cookie cutters, offers some models that are made of plastic. These have an ejector that allows you to create cookies with tiny details. Learn more about our cookie cutters – CLICK!


Engraved rolling pins


All our rolling pins are made of beech wood which is a high quality and durable material. Such rolling pins can be used to decorate different types of dough and materials (e.g., clay or modelling clay). Roll once and you are done! The result? A pretty and very original pattern on your dough!


Piping bags and nozzles


From the perfect cake edges to the personalised inscription on cookies – piping bags and nozzles are crucial for a perfect treat decoration. On our website, you can find piping bags and nozzles of different thickness and designs. Use them and let your creativity run wild! You will surely find the right baking accessories in our web shop!


Baking pans and moulds


Our baking pans are perfect for making delicacies such as madeleines or mini bundt cakes. They are oven and dishwasher safe, which is a great advantage. With our baking moulds and pans your dough will be baked evenly.


Baking frames


The baking frames, made of high-quality stainless steel, are especially suitable for preparing garnished plates or delicious desserts. They are much larger than ordinary cookie cutters and help you impress your guests! All our baking frames are oven and dishwasher safe.  


Food colouring and cake decorating


Finally, you'll find a whole range of food colouring and cake decorations on our website to let your creativity run wild. Purple cookies or apple-green icing – it's all up to you!


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