Metal Cookie Cutters for Salt Dough Modelling

How to keep children busy during the Easter holiday? This year it will be complicated to travel during the April holiday. So, you will need to find fun activities to encourage the creative spirit of your children. What better way to do that than with a modeling session? Vera shares her professional tips so you can spend some creative time with your family!



Metal Cookie Cutters for Various Application

Our cookie cutters are made of tinplate and/or stainless steel. We have chosen these materials because they do not deform when exposed to heat (in the oven), they are sharp enough to cut out extra precise shapes at once, but most importantly, they are easy to clean and unlike other materials, they do not absorb odors. Chez Vera metal cookie cutters are suitable for preparation of small pastries but can also be used for creative purposes.


A wide range of cookie cutters suitable not only for hobby purposes, but also for baking.


Plasticine, salt dough, Fimo or clay are creative activities that can be done even with young children. And what is better for modeling than cookie cutters? The created figures can then be baked in the oven and decorated with paint, varnish or even glitter! Of course, the children's favorites are the fantastic cookie cutters, such as :

  • Our assortment of fun cookie cutters
  • Our animal collection

But they will also love big cookie cutters because they can decorate them as they please and turn them into place cards, wall decorations or even letters of your names for the door.


The same cookie cutters can also be used for baking, such as making cookies or gingerbread cookies, as they are very easy to clean by hand. Children can decorate them with sugar icing or food glaze to create unique cookies!

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Bonus: The recipe for salt dough

For all nostalgics who long for afternoons making salt dough (and trying it before you regret!), here's the recipe. Pretty simple, right?



One glass of fine salt

One glass of lukewarm water

2 glasses of flour



Mix two glasses of flour and one glass of fine salt in a bowl.

Pour in one glass of lukewarm water.

Knead until a nice soft ball of dough is formed.

If the salt dough is too crumbly, add more water. If it is too soft or sticky: add flour.

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