Halloween Haunted Gingerbread House








What do you need?


3D Cookie Cutter House: CLICK

Halloween Cookie Cutters: CLICK

Food Colouring and decoration: CLICK

Recipe for Gingerbread: CLICK

Recipe for Icing: CLICK




Prepare the dough according to the recipe – CLICK. Using the 3D cookie cutters set, cut out the shapes and bake them for about 10-14 minutes. Then let them cool completely.


Prepare the basic icing (white colour) – CLICK. The glaze should be relatively thick. 


Stick the baked shapes together with basic icing and create the house (see the image below). Let your gingerbread house dry – at least one hour, preferably overnight. Once your house is dry, you can start decorating it. We chose three different colours: orange, black and purple. You only need to add food colourings to the basic (white) icing.


We applied food colours on the bigger cookies with a brush. For the details, we used a piping bag. When you are done with colouring your haunted house, you can also glue some Halloween cookies to your gingerbread house.


Enjoy! :-) 

17.10.2020 |

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