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Our dessert rings are designed for decorating side dishes and for preparing both cold desserts and delicious cakes. For this purpose, they are made of stainless steel – it makes them ideal for baking. Thanks to this high-quality material, they can withstand higher baking temperatures and can also be washed in the dishwasher. In our online shop, you can find small metallic dessert rings in many different shapes that will allow you to create unique and very original delicacies – they should definitely be on your list of must-have baking tools!


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How do you use dessert rings and what you can create with their help?





These baking tools are perfect for preparing various delicacies. Don't worry, using them is very easy:


  • Mini Cakes


For preparing small cakes, simply grease the rings or line them with parchment paper. Then fill the dessert rings with cake batter of your choice and put them in the oven. Mini cakes are done! Enjoy!


  • Pretty cool desserts


Using a cookie cutter, cut out the cake bases and put them into small dessert rings, then add cream, fruit and gelatine (gelatine gives your desserts the desired firmness). Let the finished desserts rest in the fridge for a few hours so that they can firm up sufficiently. Finally, slowly remove the desserts from the rings – the snacking can begin! :-))


  • Garnished plates – everything nicely served


Would you like to delight your friends and family? Our dessert rings help you to arrange food on the plate nicely within a few seconds. Place a dessert ring on the plate. Then fill it with rice, puree or even with an ice cream.... Before you lift the shaper (dessert ring) away, pat the chosen ingredient lightly with the spoon. Your guests will be certainly fascinated!


These dessert rings are also high enough to bake impressive mini layer cakes. This allows you to conjure up unique culinary miniatures. Let your imagination run wild – prepare little colourful rainbow cakes, for example!


Our stainless steel dessert rings are available in many different shapes – round, square, drop-shaped or hexagonal – do you already have an idea what you will create with their help?


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