Carnival Donut Recipe - Recipe from our ancestors

It's carnival time, so let's make the perfect donuts !

Today, I invite you to go back in time with a traditional donut recipe that loses none of its flavor over the years.


Ingredients for 14 pieces:

480 g of plain flour

4 g of salt

150 g of milk

30 g caster sugar

30 g of yeast

2 eggs  (110 g)

60g butter

30 g of rum



Preparation of the dough:

Put the flour in a salad bowl and season it with salt.

Heat the milk and sugar, crumble the yeast into the lukewarm milk, stir, and let the leaven rise. Pour this leaven into the flour and add the eggs, the rum, and the melted and cooled butter.

Make a very soft dough, which you will leave to rise for an hour (it should double in volume).

Then cut pieces of dough weighing approximately 63 g. Form donuts using your palm and thumb.

Place the donuts on a floured baking sheet or towel, and let them rise again under the towel for about 30 minutes. A well-risen donut is light and puffy.

A tip: For the dough to rise, all ingredients, such as yeast, milk, and butter, must be lukewarm.


How to fry donuts?


Fry the donuts in a thick layer of fat. They must float.

The temperature and composition of the fat are also important. I use the golden frying trio of rapeseed oil, lard, and clarified butter in a 3:2:1 ratio. I heat the fat to 170–180 degrees and place the risen donuts, top of the donut down, in the pan.

I then add a few slices of carrot (to prevent the fat from burning). I fry them on each side for about 2–3 minutes.

I constantly check the temperature of the fat. I let the finished donuts cool on a paper towel in order to drain excess fat after frying. Then I fill them out.


How do I garnish them?

With a special socket, it is very narrow, but be careful. Only a filling without pieces and more liquid, perhaps slightly heated, will pass through the narrow socket. You can also pierce the donut using a knife, making a cut about a centimeter long, and insert a normal decorating nozzle, which you will fill with a classic piping bag. And for the donut punks, feel free to cut the donuts and grease them as you wish :)


And what type of jam? The one you prefer. Of course :-)


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