Wedding-themed cakes, cookies and cookie cutters


The wedding season starts in June. At the same time, most couples get married in June. No wonder, the days are getting longer and the temperatures are rising. Last year, the pandemic made weddings almost unthinkable because many gatherings and congregations were banned. Even this year is nearly the same, one can only dream of large gatherings. Furthermore, it remains impossible to organise traditional large events where more than 100 people could be celebrating wedding. For this reason, people currently tend to celebrate in smaller groups.


How about celebrating your wedding in a small circle with only your loved ones? How about creating a wedding buffet by yourself? Everything is possible! helps you find clever and affordable ideas for a wedding that are full of love!




Metal Cookie Cutters with Wedding Motives


Our web shop offers you a wide range of love and marriage themed cookie cutters. Whether you choose a church or civil wedding, in our wedding collection, you'll find plenty of cookies and cupcake ideas for your big day. Our cookie cutters "Dove - large", "Bride" and "Groom" are perfect for the church wedding. For couples who want to celebrate their love in a big way, we have a rich selection of heart-shaped cookie cutters. Our favourites are the following two: "Heart 16 cm" and "Double Heart – large" that perfectly symbolize the love between newlyweds.



Wedding Buffet Ideas



A perfect wedding buffet is an absolute must! There is no need to prepare a big amount of nibbles. The most important thing is to offer original specialities made from high quality ingredients that taste memorable. Don't worry if you run out of good ideas. There are many refined and exclusive recipes on our blog. Our favourite recipes for a wedding reception are without a doubt: chocolate heart biscuits, chocolate hearts with marzipan and cocoa shortbread cookies with chocolate. Finally, there's nothing to stop you from making a spectacular cookie tower wedding cake! recommends: Sprinkle your love cookies with rose petals! :))



Inspiration for Decorated Wedding Cookies 



Do you want to really impress your friends and family during a wedding reception? Decorate your wedding cookies beautifully! Don't forget to use different food colouring too (available on our website in gel or powder form). Last but not least, our piping bags and nozzles will certainly help you to write, for example, the names of the bride and groom on the treats such as cookies or cupcakes... until they bite them off!

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