Themed Cookie Cutters for the First Communion

What about baking personalized cookies for your child's First Communion or Confirmation?



Traditionally, most of the religious celebrations take place in the spring: Baptisms, First Communions, Confirmations, and Profession of Faith. By the way, most of them are celebrated in May. It just depends on you whether you want to organize the celebration in a restaurant or in a small circle at home.  Vera suggests that you leave a lasting impression and offer a variety to the usual sweets by preparing small cookies for First Communion.



First Communion themed Cookie Cutters


In our cookie cutters online store, you can find many options for cookie cutters with which you can make personalized cookies to celebrate the First Communion of your daughter or son. We've even created our own collection of cookie cutters especially for such celebrations!



Our favorite patterns are definitely the cross and the dove, since they represent religious symbols, but there are other alternatives as well.  For example, what about making cookies in the shape of a unicorn or a dinosaur to give a fantastic touch to the celebration? In fact, children celebrate their communion at around 8-9 years old, an age when they love fairytale and cartoon characters. We have a very wide selection of special children figures, the only limit is your imagination!




Sweet or salty communion cookies?



Why not to bake both? To give this religious celebration an original look, you can bake many cookies in different shapes and flavors. The advantage of homemade cookies is that you can find what you like.  If you run out of ideas, check out Vera's recipes!



You can make the day unforgettable by decorating the cookies with the child's name and the date of communion. For a precise and high-quality result, piping bags and nozzles are your best helpers! And for the colors that match the theme of the communion, you should prefer pastel tones such as white, yellow, pink, green or blue, which remind of the candies that are usually distributed and can be combined perfectly with your lovely communion cookies.

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