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How to please your significant other on February 14th? Of course by preparing a nice surprise for her/him! With our Valentine's Day themed cookie cutters, you can easily make sweet or salted cookies and create a buffet for a perfect romantic evening!
Say it with a cookie... We offer metal heart-shaped cookie cutters in several sizes so you can create a cozy, loving atmosphere on your plates.





Love from aperitif to dessert!

On February 14th, you don't have to spend all day in the kitchen to prepare dinner! With a little organization and a couple of good ideas, you'll be able to surprise your loved one.
Our selection of love themed cookie cutters includes many different shapes: hearts, diamonds, swans or doves, there are many options to choose from. To vary the appetite, we suggest you to make salted cookies for the aperitif and continue with sweet cookies for the dessert. If you are short of inspiration, you can find many recipes on our blog including this Valentine's Day recipe.
On our website you can also find baking circles and engraved rolling pins with a heart design, so you can explore many different possibilities!
Some of our items are available in sets in different sizes, which will allow you to make very creative taste variations. Order our Valentine's Day themed cookie cutters on our website. Payment is secured and we offer free shipping for orders over 50€.
Discover our Valentine's Day themed collection.


Our creative ideas for a perfect Valentine's Day

Our steel cookie cutters are designed for baking of cookies but they can also be used to cut all kinds of dough or to make fried eggs in the shape of a heart - a great idea for breakfast or lunch on February 14th.
If you're creative, it's possible to personalize the cookies with your loved one's name! All you have to do is to bake them first and use our piping bags to write your love on them. You can also add some color! Thanks to our food colors, you can paint your cookies pink or red! Finally, to create original sweet cookies, don't hesitate to use food glitter - or better yet - eatable flowers!
This Valentine's Day will be remembered forever. Enjoy your meal!


25.01.2022 |

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