Mini-Gugelhupfe mit Walnusscreme

These mini bundt cakes are perfect for any occasion. Let your imagination run wild and substitute cream with anything else! Place the finished mini bundt cakes in the fridge for a few minutes after you have filled and decorated them. Just before serving, take them from the fridge and let them stand at room temperature for a few minutes so that they soften.



Ingredients for Mini Bundt Cakes with Walnut Cream:



250 g Flour

125 g Sugar

125 g Butter

1 Egg


Walnut Cream

100 g Butter

100 g Icing Sugar

100 g Walnuts

1 Egg



Baking Pans: Mini Bundt Pans Set


Method: Mini Bundt Cakes with Walnut Cream



Beat butter and sugar together until frothy. Add half the flour and an egg. Then add the other half of the flour and combine the ingredients thoroughly. Form the dough into a ball and let it rest in a cool place at least one hour. Take the dough from the fridge and fill the prepared cake moulds 3/4 full with dough. Bake the mini bundt cakes for about 7-12 minutes at 180 °C until lightly browned.  Then remove them from the baking moulds by lightly banging the baking moulds against the work surface. Be careful and do not burn your hands on the baking moulds.

Walnut Cream:

Mix all the ingredients together until a stiff cream is obtained. If the cream is too runny, place it in the fridge for a few minutes to help it thicken. When your mini bundt cakes have cooled, fill them with the cream using a piping bag.



Serving Idea: Top your mini bundt cakes with strawberries or walnuts before serving. You can also sprinkle grated chocolate over the top of each mini bundt cake.


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