The best recipes and kitchen utensils for Halloween

The month of October is fast approaching and with it, its essential holiday: Halloween.

We recently presented our collection of Halloween cookie cutters, but today we would like to reveal our favorite recipes and additional utensils to allow you to create a Halloween buffet that is as terrifying as it is successful!


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Discover our unmissable recipes to surprise your guests this Halloween!


There are a bunch of recipes for small biscuits. But we have selected our favorites to help you make an unforgettable Halloween buffet:


Sweet Halloween recipes

For even more indulgence, find our recipe for pumpkin and chocolate cookies, that of our sweet pumpkin pie and that of our haunted gingerbread house: a delight!

The salty version, to be adapted according to your tastes


  • Salty skulls: the motif can, of course, be replaced by another. Discover all our thematic models on our dedicated page!

As a bonus, we have created a tutorial to teach you how to cut out your pumpkin easily, using our cookie cutters, for a dazzling result!

If one of your guests is allergic to lactose, we have also put together some recipes for them! The ingredients can easily be replaced and you can make lots of scary little cakes without butter that are just as delicious as so-called “traditional” cookies. One turn in the oven and the illusion is perfect. Do not hesitate and have a look !


The utensils needed to make your Halloween cookies

Who says Halloween also says spooky party. The colors most used for Halloween buffets are:

  • orange: which recalls the very symbol of Halloween, the pumpkin.
  • black: which indicates the dark night
  • white: in homage to ghosts and skulls.
  • green: the color identifying zombies
  • purple: witches’ favorite color


These colors can appear on your biscuits thanks to a few tips…

Natural food colorings

It is entirely possible to give spectacular color to your cupcakes, all in a natural way!

For a deep black, we suggest working with an intense dark chocolate, but also with activated charcoal. This ingredient will give a beautiful black color to your cookies, while making them easier to digest. For the orange color, turmeric works miracles. It is easy to combine with carrots in a savory preparation. Finally, for the green, we recommend using matcha tea. This very colorful variety will give a powdery taste to your cakes.

Royal icing

We can't talk about Halloween recipes without mentioning royal icing! Not only will it give a smooth appearance to your preparations, but it allows you to make little ghosts and skulls that are more real than life! Discover our recipe for a successful royal icing!

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