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Let it go! Let it go! Winter has come – discover our winter-themed cookie cutters.





"Let it go! Let it go!" These few words will surely echo in your mind! Young and old alike will immediately hear the melody in their heads. Indeed, the children's idol Elsa has been making rain and snow in the kingdom of Arendelle for a couple of years now, accompanied by her loyal friends – Sven the Reindeer and Olaf the Snowman. As you can see, today we are going to show you how to create cookies inspired by Elsa the snow queen! Create your own snow world!


During a long winter break, it seems to be difficult to keep children entertained at home, especially without the possibility to organise a sled trip to the mountains. Create a magical world together with your children! Let your imagination run free and bake small fairy cookies – for example in the shape of iconic cartoon characters. Using our cookie cutters, it will be super easy! The whole family can get involved in this exciting activity.





You don't need much to bake tasty cookies which will be enjoyable not only your children. Flour, sugar, butter, eggs and of course – cookie cutters for cutting out your little characters that will make your children happy.


ChezVera.com offers a wide selection of cookie cutters! Our fairy tale themed cookie cutters are of a very high quality. Here are a couple of cookie cutters that we have selected for you. They will help you baking shortbread cookies that create the legendary world of Elsa the Snow Queen. Your children will definitely love them!


Cookie Cutter Princess and Crown


and not forgetting:


Cookie Cutter Princess Castle

Cookie Cutter Santa

Cookie Cutter Reindeer 


These cookie cutters will perfectly illustrate the bitter coldness of the Kingdom of Arendelle:


Cookie Cutter Snowman

Cookie Cutter Snowflake


However, the enchantment doesn't end there… Why don’t you create a nice unicorn family too? Everything is possible in the magic world of fairy tale!


Our products are made of high-quality material – tinplate or stainless steel. 

How to decorate fairy cookies?


Your cookies are beautifully golden and evenly thick after baking. Nevertheless, there is still something missing – a little bit of fantasy, so typical for  the magical world of fairy tales. What can you do about it? Decorate your cookies, of course!


Edible glitter flakes, little sugar pearls, icing and frosting in many different colours – there are a lot of ideas and ways how to decorate your cute cookies in an original way. If you run out of inspiration, here's a super simple recipe for wonderfully decorated snowflake cookies.  


You can also find many theme cookie cutter collections on our website – CLICK.


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