Chicken Eggs




Prepare the dough you like. You can also use our recipe







Spread the dough about half a centimeter thick. Biscuits less than half a centimeter thick are prone to breaking fast.
Cut biscuits using the cookie cutters. We used the following cookie cutters:

Cookie Cutter "Egg - Set" (code 306):

Bake and cook according to your recipe. Let cool on a rack.

Prepare the royal icing. ChezVera recommends its recipe:

You will need more dense frosting for the contour line and more liquid frosting for filling.

What may be practical are the plastic bags for decoration:

For beginners who have never worked with royal icing, we have prepared a demonstration video:

Fats outlines using dense yellow icing. The frosting must be really dense, otherwise, the outlines will become blurred. Let it dry for at least 10 minutes.

Fill the contours with the liquid frosting. A small brush is a big advantage. Let it dry for at least 20 minutes.
Draw the eyes and the beak. Again, we must wait at least 10 min to add the black dots. Otherwise, the eyes will become blurry.

And here are the pretty chicks :)
In a few days, you can expect more inspiration - a workshop to decorate the "Rabbits-hearts".


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