Bake St. Patrick's Day Cookies with our Shamrock-shaped Cookie Cutters


What do you imagine when hearing the words like green, March 17 or a shamrock-shaped cookie cutter? Saint Patrick’s Day, of course! Devoted to the Irish patron saint, this Christian feast day – which comes directly from Ireland where is recognized as a national holiday – is popular across the globe and its celebrations often involve mass parades. 



Wearing green is a must if you want to celebrate this holiday in a proper way! The colour green is a symbol of Irish culture and stands for the unity of Ireland. Saint Patrick’s Day is also accompanied with music and various local specialities – such as different kinds of beer and whiskey (for moderate drinking, of course! ). However, the holiday is also associated with the shamrock, one of the most famous symbols of this event! 


How about baking Irish-coloured cookies on Saint Patrick’s Day, using our shamrock-shaped cookie cutters? 


There are several tips for you on how to greatly enjoy Saint Patrick’s Day together with your family and friends: Bake sweet or salty cookies in the shape of the shamrock, a national symbol of Ireland. Shamrock-shaped cookie cutters are available in our stock. If you think about maximizing joy and surprising your friends even more, you can also choose other shapes, namely a beer mug, which represents Ireland in the same way as the shamrock and the colour green do. 


Saint Patrick’s Day cookies in the colour of this popular holiday 


The cookies that you prepare using our cookie cutters must necessarily be green – there is no other way! If you can’t imagine creating traditional Saint Patrick’s Day cookies, don’t worry because there are many options. 


You can use edible food colourings. One of their major advantages is that they have no influence on the flavour of these sweet treats. 


You can use both food colouring liquid and powder: 




You will also find many natural alternatives. However, be careful because these have an impact on the flavour of the cookies. 


Natural alternatives include: 


  • Spinach: Remember to boil and strain it. Spinach juice can easily colour your sweet treats. 
  • Green vegetables: Mixed with a little water, green vegetables will give your pastry its intensive green colour. 
  • Spirulina: This superfood is a very beneficial microalga. With its mild taste, it is perfect for preparing both sweet and salty meals. Benefits: Spirulina boosts our immune system and is rich in proteins. 
  • Matcha Tea: Ideal for sweet pastry, Matcha tea will make your little cookies nice and apple-green. 
  • Veras Tip: Mix Matcha tea with white chocolate! You will be pleasantly surprised by this delicious flavour combination! 


We will be more than happy to see your beautiful Saint Patrick’s Day theme cookies cut out with our shamrock-shaped cookie cutters!

16.03.2021 |

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